Range Rover Vs Range Rover

There is no debate that the Range Rover brand brings with it certain guarantees. Chief of which are comfort, style and an outward display of just how very well you are doing.

But as is the case with many premium cars, value falls off them as quickly as these capable 4x4s get over tough terrain.

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It surprised me that two very luxurious cars, both with high spec, were available for £40k. 

Don't get me wrong, £40,000 is still an awful lot of cash but considering the Autobiography tested originally sold for £105k and the Sport a sniff over £70k, that is a huge saving on offer.


This is the big daddy of the SUV world. It is huge inside and out with a boatload of goodies added to make your driving experience top of the notch. With a panoramic sunroof, executive pack (that includes massage seats, heated and cooled seats and a boat load of other niceties that aren't worth listing but are all stunning) and a sumptuous drive that glides across the tarmac, the Autobiography really is lovely.

The only drawback is the fact it is so big. On certain UK roads and city streets, it is going to be a bit of a stress to park and squeeze this gigantic metal box of luxury into everyday life.



Disclaimer: Before testing this sport, I'd already driven the SVR and decided I was a RR Sport type of person. Despite this, in the spirit of balance, I put to one side my love for the hardcore version.

In 2013, the Range Rover Sport was completely rebuilt and redesigned. The old Sport was based on the steel frame of the discovery and that made it anything but sporty. I'm glad to say this Range from 2013 is completely different. The chassis is far more dynamic that the version it replaced and you can feel so much more of the drive through the steering wheel. It's a tad smaller than the Autobiography but feels just as luxurious with a nice finish to the cabin. 

The ride is firmer than the Autobiography, which is to be expected, and the fact it is more compact does make it that little bit friendlier in the cities and car parks.