The Brand New Mercedes AMG....boat?

No, you aren’t imagining things. 

What you are reading about is the watery marriage between Mercedes and Cigarette Racing. To be completely honest, it isn’t a huge surprise. 

2019 marks the 12th consecutive year that the two companies have come together to create a unique boat to celebrate a land going brute and this year, it is the turn of the GT 4 door coupe to act as inspiration.

Just incase you missed the news, Mercedes have released a 4 door coupe version of the very pretty and very capable GT AMG range. Top of that new range is the GT 63S, armed with 630 horses and enough torque to crumple tarmac.

At the moment the specs for the boaty McBoat face version of the new Merc aren't available but if it is anything like Cigarette Racings last pairing, it’ll have at least 3,100 hp and two V8 engines when running on race fuel. Wow.

Even if you aren’t into sea going machines, it is worth getting excited about the new speed focused boat based on what has come before it.

The last union between the brands resulted in a boat based on the F1 inspired One hypercar and it was a truly beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

It looked like an AMG branded torpedo ready to get every sense tingling and the blood pumping.

If you are a petrolhead of any description, I’m sure this is enough to excite you