The BMW made of meteorite

It seems more and more that manufacturers these days will do anything, no matter how minor, to set their cars apart from the competition. 

Limited runs, homages to glory days gone by and a list of customisations as long as your arm to make your car truly a “one off”

Well, I think BMW have just won the prize for doing something really special.

They’ve made a car out of meteorite. 

Ok, the car isn’t entirely made out of extra terrestrial materials but there really is traces of space magic within the car.


The new Individual M850i Night Sky is an exclusive offer from the Munich based marque and it lives up to its name.

Selected controls are made using applications of meteoritic material. The centre console is lit using illuminated constellations of stars and the vastness of space, the universe and everything is reflected throughout the car, on the seats, in the trim, splashed across the exterior and even the brake discs.

BMW haven’t just designed a limited edition of an already hotly anticipated car. They have started with an ethos and woven it into the very fibre of this machine. They have even stitched, and milled the distinctive meteorite pattern into the headliner, exterior mirror caps, the front splitters and even the brakes. 

Even the brakes are special. They have been manufactured using a brand new bionic design and have been 3D printed, this isn’t just very cool but actually reduces the weight of certain components by up to 30 per cent lighter. The M850i Night Sky doesn’t just look stellar, it takes off pretty quickly as well.

Away from star studded details adorning the M850i, I am looking forward to seeing a few of the new 8 series coupes out on the road. I’m a fan of large, grand tourers and in my opinion, BMW do them well when they put their mind to it.

Equipped with a 4.4 litre, twin turbo unit, pumping out 523 bhp. The M850i has enough grunt to get anyone excited and even enough to blast you into orbit.