What are the most and least reliable luxury cars you can buy?

We all love a little bit of luxury and let’s be honest, if you’re reading this, it means that you enjoy your luxury in a car shaped box. 

The thing is, when you are parting with your hard earned cash for a luxury motor, reliability of said motor comes into mind. But how do you know what premium marque is going to transport you with a minimum of mechanical issues?

Thankfully, WhatCar? have compiled a list of the most and the least reliable luxury cars aged between one to four years old. In total, 18,000 people were asked about how reliable 159 models from 31 different car brands are and we’ve got the scores from the premium car section to share with you.

The Mercedes E-Class comes top of the pile and interestingly it’s the slightly older model that suffers less with issues than the one on offer right now. The most common issues were with the battery and non-engine electrics but the car was more often than not able to be driven. Getting it fixed was still going to hurt with bills of up to £750 but overall it scored very well.

Jag XF.jpg

Coming in as the least reliable is the Jaguar XF (2015-present). It’s a shame because the XF is a gorgeous looking thing and drives very nicely (my subjective view, feel free to give your thoughts in the comments) but, stats don’t lie. The Jag suffers from issues with their engine, fuel system and gearbox but most reported issues stem from faulty electrics. You can expect the creases to be ironed out under the warranty but your Jag will be in the garage for more than a week.

Luxury car reliability rankings

1 - Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2009-2016) : 92.4%

=2 - BMW 5 Series (2010-2017) : 91.6%

=2 - Jaguar XF (2007-2015) : 91.6%

4 - Audi A6 (2016 - Present) : 86.8%

5 - BMW 5 Series (2017 - Present) : 85.3%

6 - Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2016-Present) : 83.5%

7 - Jaguar XF (2015-Present) : 81.9%

Do you own one of these cars? What has your experience been like?