New Renault Megane RS is the bargain of the year

The Megane RS has always been as potent as French mustard. Sat firmly in the top three hot hatches available for over 10 years, you just can’t ignore it if you are looking for something fun to drive, usable and great value.

And the latest incarnation is even harder to ignore.

Megane racing each other.jpg

Renault have announced how much the new RS will set you back….you can get your hands on one of these for £27,495 (otr). But that isn’t all….if you order it in May, they’ll chuck in the cup chassis for free….FREE!

I’ll be honest, I haven’t driven the newest Megane RS but based on tearing around in previous versions, you want the cup chassis option as it provides added stability round the corners and a slightly more responsive experience overall.

So what exactly will £27,495 get you?

You’ll be glad you asked.

The RS is crammed full of tech to help you really make the most of the 1.8 litre engine (which just so happens to be the most powerful 1.8 litre unit in the UK) that produces 280 HP and 390Nm of torque. In fact, the list of what’s available is pretty impressive.

Megane internal.jpg

You can now get the Megane RS with four wheel steer…..yep, all four wheels will help you throw the RS around tight corners at low speeds with added agility and keep the car steadier at high speeds. If you don’t know what this is or how it works, the rear wheels (under 37mph) turn in the opposite direction to the front two to help the car turn a tight corner, and over 37mph turn in the same direction to increase steady…pretty clever and normally found on a Porsche 911….fancy.

In addition to the all wheel steering, you have RS Monitor, RS Monitor Expert and Multi – Sense.  Monitor keeps track of your car and driving performance and if you add expert, it syncs with your phone and allows you to use augmented reality to overlay telemetric data onto your driving videos, imagine the fun you can have with that.

You also get Brembo bi-material brakes, multi-sense driver select, which allows you to pick your driving mode, RS Vision (super funky LED lighting that depicts a chequered flag) and the option of a six speed auto gearbox for the very first time in an RS.

Megane rear.jpg

All of this means that you get one hell of a driving experience, a car you can use daily and chock full of the latest technology for less than £30k.

Sacre Bleu…what a deal….