Is the new hatch A* material?

So Mercedes have released images and details of the next-gen A-class and I don't really want to have an opinion. 

I'll hammer my colours to the post right now, I thought the old car was good, it felt well built but wasn't all that fun to my humble opinion.

A Class 2.jpg

For this new model to grab our attention, it will need to have a far more dynamic experience for the driver. We know the quality will be good, after all Mercedes have been knocking it out of the park over the last few years, but a hatch should feel nippy and nimble as well as being a useful car everyday.

Aesthetically it really does look the part. Mercedes have addressed the back end, which I thought didn't really work and the front has now got that sleek, aggressive look that is becoming standard across the models.

What's new inside? Well it is claimed to be more bigger inside, for both luggage and people. The comfort has been ramped up with vibration reducing technology via uprated suspension and focus given to the chassis rigidity. There's also smatterings of technology from the S-class to attract buyers to what promises to be a travel size luxury experience.

A Class interior.jpg
A Class interior 2.jpg

Overall the signs are encouraging, commentary is already divided on looks and options but for us here at Is it Fast it will be how the new baby of the Mercedes fleet handles out on the road that will ultimately allow us to form opinion.