Dreams can come true....

You are never going to own an exotic, rare, enthralling supercar, right?


Things are changing and getting your hands on something truly interesting that gets your hairs on end is actually within reach.

Before starting on this journey with Is it Fast? I would have thought the idea of owning a TVR Tuscan, Aston Martin V8 Vantage or even the ultimate teenage pin-up, a Lambo, as a pipe dream. Not only unobtainable to me but to so many. 

But over the weeks and months we have had access to brilliant, knowledgable and enthusiastic dealers who make it their life's work to help car lovers get into their dream car.

One such dealership is VVS in Kent.


When I visited at the turn of the year, the number of truly special cars in stock along with how well the whole team look after you will make you feel instantly that nothing is out of reach. Dan and the team are there to answer every question and talk you through your options. You'll quickly realise that getting into your dream car isn't as impossible as you once feared.


I'm going to break down just how you can get yourself into an exotic motor, with an experts help, for little more than a brand new BMW M4 Coupe....

1) Find yourself a Lamborghini Gallardo priced between £70-£90k....I know this sounds like a lot but, for a car with an original list price of £150,000+ that is already a great deal.

2) Save up in the bank the same you would've done to put a deposit on an M series, AMG or R-Line Audi. You're looking on average at about £20 -£30k.

3) Take your hard saved cash to a specialist...SPECIALIST...performance car dealer and choose your dream car.

Ok, so it isn't as simple as 1,2,3. You've got to find the perfect supercar for you, one that matches your personality and makes your heart race but the financials are sound. With no more than the deposit you'd spend on a brand new, premium performance car, you can find yourself in something spectacular. Monthly payments are on a par and at the end of a year, the incremental increase in the value of the Lamborghini you've driven at the weekend will have paid you back when it comes to move it on. 


By the magic of fiscal witchcraft, you've had yourself a year free motoring and had your back side in the car of your dreams.

So what would you choose, an Audi RS6 or the best year of your life........and then the Audi RS6?

I know what I'd do........