Falling in love with Formula 1...

We've now seen the launch of the RedBull Racing, Haas, Williams and most recently Sauber/Alfa Romeo cars for the 2018 Formula 1 season. And they all look very pretty and of course there is the halo that has got tongues wagging. 

Now. If you are reading this to see if we have the inside scoop on new aero performance, driving drama, engine news, then prepare to be disappointed. We know nothing more than anyone else but there is one thing we can tell you. Formula 1 seems to be finding its feet again....


The excitement is back and I think it is because of two things; personality and identity. The top tier of motor racing has its individuality back. We are seeing great motoring brands reappear, in name at least, and that opens the door to general petrol heads, not just people who like to watch 75 laps of screaming V6 on a Sunday afternoon. 

You couple this with genuine characters in the driving seat you have a great blend of competition and charisma that attracts and keeps an audience. 


I, for one, am really very excited about names like Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin making an appearance this year. Not to mention the whisperings of the Brabham floating about in the last few days. 

It really does feel like the sport is coming out of the weird elitist, Bernie era that has clouded it over the last few years and I am excited to see what this new dawn will bring.

What do you think about this F1 season? Share your thoughts and opinions, we'd love tot hear them.