Into the Stratos-phere!

It is no secret that we are pretty big fans of Italian cars.....

We love their flair, passion, styling, temperament and the way they make you feel when you take them for a spine tingling blast down a B road.

So imagine the excitement when Stratos, a name synonymous with motor racing in the 70s and 80s, was confirmed as making a comeback.

Now. There is a caveat.

Stratos 5.JPG

The new Stratos will be limited to just 25......yes.....twenty five......venticinque. Manifattura Automobili Torino, the Italian coach builders headed up by ex-Pininfarina engineer, Paolo Garella, will be responsible for getting these beautiful creations on the road.

stratos 2.JPG

When you hear the name "Stratos" it conjures up such emotion and imagery that the fact it is coming back at all is a true joy. The new version will share similarities with the original; it will be mid-engine, have a lightweight plastic body, have an adjustable chassis and be super driver focused. 

There is a strong chance it will be outlandishly expensive and lets be honest, all 25 are probably sold already but, and there is a but, there is a line in the press release that mentions they will build more if there is a demand. The glimmer of hope remains that some of us at least will get our hands on this homage to a true Italian thoroughbred.

Stratos 1.JPG

Welcome back've been missed....