Well....that was unexpected....

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We were due to visit our latest excited partner, Big Cars Ltd, in February and bring you the video of what we got up to in March......

Big cars bentley.jpg

Bentley to bust

That is until last weekend when we were just as shocked as everyone else, to hear that the UKs most followed (on social media) second hand car company had disappeared off the planet with pretty much no warning!

So first off, I really hope everyone there lands on their feet. Everyone I dealt with in the marketing department were super passionate about cars and fingers crossed they find themselves a new role quickly.

The whole situation raises a really interesting point, what happens if you have a car on order, finance arranged and then suddenly, WHAM, the dealer goes pop. 

It's a question a I don't have an answer to and one I'm sure a host of Big Cars Ltd customers are asking right this second.

So, if you are reading this, get involved. 

Whether you are a recruiter, car dealer or finance broker. Help everyone from Big Cars Ltd get back on their feet with a new job, new car or finance option.

Let's be a car community damn it....