The BMW X7 is here, and it is a beast!

The latest in the X generation of BMWs is coming and the first few images of pre-production models has been released.

X7 2.jpg

The X7 has been developed with the US and Chinese markets in mind but the seven seater will also be coming to the UK. Little has been revealed but we know that this thing is going to be competitively priced and is taking a pot shot straight at the Mercedes and Audi big boy line up. 

X7 interior.jpg

X7 is the name..

Luxury is the game..


The X7 is being produced on the same conveyor belt as the X5 and X6 so the quality should be good and it certainly looks like it will be jammed with enough equipment to rival the GLS and Range Rover.

Sitting at the top of the BMW range with the 7 series, we are looking forward to taking this out for a drive but aesthetically it certainly is very striking. The huge, dragon like nostrils are clearly evident underneath the wrappings and anyone in this thing will enjoy a good deal of road presence. 

We imagine that the drive will be sublime and because we are fans of a juggernaut, we would love to see them produce an M-series version. The reality is that won't be seen until 2019/2020 if at all.

X7 3.jpg
X7 exhaust.jpg

The first deliveries hailing from the Spartanburg factory of this behemoth should be seen on the streets at the end of 2018. 

Soon we shall see exactly what this titan can do......


X7 peekaboo.jpg