Huracan or Huracan’t

O-M-G, you’ve saved hard, you’ve won some money on a scratch card and you’ve sold the Ford Galaxy. You can finally afford to head down to VVS and pick up that Huracan you’ve been dreaming about.


You are right to dream, reader: the Lamborghini Huracan is worthy of stalking you in the night. With aggressively distinctive styling and the option of having your pride and joy in coupe or spyder variants, this machine really stands out, not just out on the street, but amongst its peer group.



The real question however ‘isn’t how fast does it go?’ or ‘how brutal does the V10 engine sound?’ We all know that it is ruddy quick and sounds like a choir of angry bikers screaming the line ‘go faster!!’ over and over in your ear. Oh no, the question is: if I go out and get myself one of these, can I use it? Not for shooting around in but, if I wanted to go into central London and visit the Eye, will I be able to use it like a real human to do proper things?

Well, I’m going to answer that using only two stats and the word ‘yes’.


Stat 1: Lambo Huracan width – 1924mm

           Range Rover sport width – 1983 mm


Stat 2: Lambo Huracan boot space – 70 litres

            Renault Twizy boot space – 31 litres


Now for the word ‘yes’. YES. If you look at a Range or a Twizy ... these are both cars that can be used around town and ordinary people live with them every day. The cynics amongst you will be pointing out that I’m cherry-picking statistics to prove my point, and you’d be right. And I’m not apologising .…


If you are buying a Lamborghini based on how much luggage you can fit in it or how easy it is to park in a Victorian street, you’re coming at this all wrong. However, you can actually use it wherever and whenever you want which is what I think makes this one of the most adaptable supercars available. I saw with my own eyes two of these beauties on the Southbank just the other week and they didn’t look huge or take up four spaces. They just looked like a great supercar that could be enjoyed every day by their owners.


So, if you are weighing up whether to get a Mondeo because it is practical and gets the job done, don’t forget to include the Huracan in your plans … it might surprise you.